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Lexis launches video practice guide with James Wagstaffe

March 24, 2017

In the consumer world there’s little you can’t find the answer to on YouTube and that trend is creeping into legal practice, with the launch by LexisNexis Legal & Professional in the US today (23 May) of a first-of-its-kind practice guide in partnership with James M. Wagstaffe, who for over 30 years co-authored The Rutter Group Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial.

The Wagstaffe Group Practice Guide: Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial offers lawyers a series of over 150 videos of around two to five minutes long, which are directly embedded within the content on Lexis Advance, available as part of the LexisNexis Digital Library. The videos are practical ‘how to’ guidance tools from Wagstaffe, usually set around specific tasks, setting out the key steps attorneys must take, with explanatory tips and practical insights.

Perhaps most importantly, each video comes complete with a full, searchable transcript, meaning time-strapped attorneys can quickly assess the relevance of the video before they listen to it.

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