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In Possible First, New Lexis Advance CivPro Practice Guide Includes Embedded Videos

Robert Ambrogi
March 24, 2017

In what it says is an industry first for a legal research platform, LexisNexis today is launching a multimedia civil procedure practice guide within Lexis Advance that includes not only text but also a series of more than 150 short videos embedded within the content.

The new practice guide, The Wagstaffe Group Practice Guide: Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial, is written by James M. Wagstaffe, former co-author of The Rutter Group’s Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial, and Wagstaffe is also featured in the videos.

The practice guide is available in three formats: a three-volume print edition, an ebook, or within Lexis Advance. Only the Lexis Advance version includes the videos.

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